Yacht Club

January 28, 2015

Generally, a yacht club is a specific sports club that is mainly related to the hobby of yachting. Most yacht clubs are located near the sea while others are established near riversides or lakes. Such clubs would usually have a delimited area of a shoreline or beach or a marina where buoys are placed to show the areas that are off limits for the swimmers and safe for offshore anchorages.

On the shore, these clubs also have a certain perimeter that is reserved exclusively for the members of the clubs and a clubhouse wherein a café, bar or even a restaurant is attached. This is an important part of a club area where the members can socialize during some special events or just for simple gathering with an informal setting.

Difference of Yacht Club from a Sailboat Club

Though there are people who would be confused with the Yacht Club and a Sailing Club, there are certain differences that can be identified when it comes to the recreational use of the boats. Traditionally, yacht clubs are those that are mainly focused on memberships that are composed only of yacht owners which also include motorboats. This particular type of club was particularly exclusive with the ones that they accepted as members. It has attracted aristocracy or high class people who have left all the owners of small boats behind.

On the other side of the story, Sailing clubs are those that are focused on the membership that are composed only of those who own sailboats. These sailboats cover both smaller types of boats and dinghies. These were greatly popular until the last part of the 19th century when various types of small boats were produced in the industrial scale.

How Are Yacht Clubs Recognized

Basically, yacht clubs are easily recognized by its initials such as the New York Yacht Club or NYYC or the Kamini Yacht Club or KYC. There are already many known and established yacht clubs throughout the world and some of these include the Royal Yacht Squadron and Yacht Club de France. These were established during the royal patronage or those that were given their specific title in any point of its history.

How It Is Run

These clubs are run and organized by membership and has been a place for the promotion of the sport regarding sailboat cruising and racing. In addition, it is also considered as a meeting place suitable only for a specific social community. Usually, the membership is composed of mixed people having certain recreational affinities.

The members of these clubs are usually those sailing as crews either for racing or cruising and boat owners as well. Also, it is in the discretion of the members to decide on certain objectives of the yacht club to meet the satisfaction of the membership and attract individuals having the same mindset. Some of the members that can be included in the clubs are owners of certain powerboats. On the other hand, there are also clubs wherein such individuals are excluded from joining the membership. For such difficulties or problems regarding affinities of members to end, there are particular clubs that may put up 2 sections of memberships: a powerboat section and a sailing section.

To make the entire parts of the club to work and to provide ease for all club members, the members are the ones paying for the staff to work on the bar duty, catering, accounts, boat yard maintenance and also other job in the office. Overall organization and the control of such clubs are done for the entire membership through the individuals elected by the members. Roles where certain individuals can be elected to are Commodore, Sailing Secretary, Racing Captain, Cruising Captain and more. Some clubs that are smaller may have set up certain conditions where members are required to participate actively for the maintenance of the equipment and facilities of the club.

Unlike those classical clubs wherein the focus is the membership, there are now clubs that are managed and operated for the purpose of gaining commercial operation. Such clubs can be owned by certain individuals or independent companies for providing service and for generating profit. Most of the time, theses are associated by certain port or marina and may have the same objectives as other clubs but are more focused on the social side.


There is a very long historical tradition with yacht clubs. Based from the history of the establishment of such clubs, NYC or Neva Yacht Club is known as the oldest established yacht club as it was founded in Russia in 1718. However, it does not completely qualify as a club as seen in a modern sense since it was established under the decree of Tsar Peter the Great and was considered as an association where members are voluntarily organizing and running the club.

With these things in mind, the widely acknowledged oldest yacht club across the globe is the Royal Cork Yacht Club that was founded in 1720 in Ireland. Across the globe, there are already many kinds of yacht clubs that has been established throughout its long history. Through this, there are already many clubs establishing different sailing events across the world and are joined by many clubs from different places.

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Sailing and Racing Activities

Most yacht clubs, no matter what the sizes of the crafts are, have well organized programs for racing. Various clubs may host regattas that may range from some informal events that are held locally to particular national championships. There are clubs having weekend schedules for racing where they race with other clubs for team racing. Some clubs have members having specific models for boats and also particular lengths.

There are also clubs that welcome races between universities and are incorporating other programs that are created for various ages. They welcome children for programs where they can learn to sail on the suitable crafts for their age and then teach them how to use larger crafts as they progress from the smaller crafts to the bigger ones. With such things in mind, there are sure to be more people who will gain interest with joining such clubs.